CivilFilm Association (CET) creates a CIVIL VIDEO SHARING WEBSITE (CV) - - where civil organizations can share short films on their activity. CET was formed to operate CV - we planned no other activity.

We need to change the way of thinking of people in order to achieve social integration.

1) The CV is a tool in this respect, if we can achieve several thousand viewings of civil videos per day (now  - 3000/day).

2) It is also important for civil organizations to know  each-others work. They can get ideas, see best practices, cooperate. Thus the CV has two complementary basic tasks:

   A) Forming the civilian conscience of society, letting members of society know about the work of NGOs. This can be measured by the number of daily viewings.

   B) To introduce civilians to each-other: NGOs need to know  the activity of other similar organizations in order to build contacts and exert mutual influence.

This can be measured by the number of organizations we are able to reach with our monthly video newsletter ( 

We are sending the monthly video selection to a number of 9065 e-mail addresses (best 40 videos of   the month).

By gathering videos we are creating a huge video base (11.700 videos and a total of 3.700.000 viewings) that helps implement our objective, the promotion in large circles of  the activity of Hungarian NGOs, to transmit the civilian way of  thought and to reinforce the connection between civil organizations.

MAIN RESULT: we thought… the CV will be efficient in forming social civil conscience - if the daily viewing rate is at least one thousand civil videos.

Viewings year/daily average:

2009 - 164,

2010 - 1569,

2011 - 2483,

2012 - 3135.

The objective has been reached.

The daily viewings rose above one thousand in 2010.

We had 3.700.000 viewings in 5 years (homepage lower right corner/STATISTICS).

If we count 4 minutes for one video viewing, our visitors have viewed 15 000 000 worth of videos presenting the work of NGOs.